Ulrike Thiel User Experience und Interface Design München



User Experience

is an extension of the usability factors to the hedonic quality. Focusing on user-centered processes in product development provides products success, lead and sustainability. The results differ significantly – the products are measurably successful.
Prototyping Mockup User Experience

For software, apps, and websites this means: An iterative approach that puts users at the center of product development, increase timely-testing with users and adaptation of the interface to the success and market opportunity of the application.

In Content Management System Interfaces – for example for the editorial management of the company’s own content – the time factor through better usability becomes the cost factor. The usability of Web applications is for the increase in users and as a result for SEO and Media an essential foundation.

User Experience taken into account – about the usability beyond – emotions, attitudes, preferences, views, user behavior before, during and after the use of a product or service. The context of use is often decisive for the enforcement power of a competitor in the market.

As a usability expert I know the diversity of methods and develop together with you the appropriate processes for your project.