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Usability / Usability testing / Requirements

The Usability of existing Applications can be tested. Therefore we check existing standards and compare best practice solutions.

To take stock – before a relaunch of the software is starting – it makes sense to drive an Expert Walk through. A Usability Expert checks the Application and creates a resume.

On this basis, further decisions can be made. According to EU jurisprudence, the EN ISO 9241 standard is the standard for evaluating the requirement for user-friendliness. For further granular assessment, the rules of Nielsen, Shneidermann, the form laws and guidelines of the W3C are good bases.

With an Expert walk through, Heuristic evaluation and other methods, an application can be closely examined and recommendations can be developed. Interviews of users are another possibility.

I am experienced in these methods. As Usability Expert, Usability Evaluation und Usability Testing nach CPUX-UT, I have already tested Applications and developed recommendations.

Usability engineering

Usability / Design

Designing new Applications, the Usability engineering process starts by implementing an Usability Expert already in the Lean Development Team.

Usability / User Experience

By definition Usability is a part of User Experience. Usability is the pragmatic quality.


Usability Evaluation and Usability Testing Expert CPUX-UT