Ulrike Thiel User Experience und Interface Design München



The Information Architecture

includes the development of the information and the user interaction with the product / service / the content. I analyze your technical infrastructure, your goals, the stakeholders, the Personas, target groups. We discuss the customer journey and go thereby possibly disruptive ago.

Responsive Design

Challenging is the Information Architecture for responsive web applications, because depending on the device retrieving the information is to be prioritized differently, delivered and presented. It requires several designs for desktop, tablet and mobile. Wireframes are useful to map the different cases and tests.

Information Architecture  

Software Information Architecture

ERP Applications

Many of my clients have proprietary IT ecosystems and develop the software for the needs of the company itself further. User experience consulting and user interface design are temporarily required; but again not consistently. That’s one of my main areas of application, as a specialist in a well-coordinated team. I have very good knowledge of processes of ERP applications and in the current framework.


Portal Information Architecture

Content Management, User Journey

For complex content in portals many different page types / templates are needed to deepen the content appropriately. On the Home screen, audiences are received according to their perception of preference and forwarded to relevant content.
My experience in user-centered design refers to several launches and relaunches of media portals, consumer portals and websites in various industries.

information architecture user experience  

Digital Asset Management

Companies often own a huge pool of imagery. The management and updating of image licenses is an important issue. I have experience in the preparation of draft decisions for asset management systems of companies.