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Currently the product development is oriented towards Lean Startup and Design Thinking.

Both methods focus on the customer’s needs.
In addition, I personally attach great importance to finding emotions and motivations of the personas . This also applies before or after the use of the product or service. An Empathy Map has proven very useful in projects. I ask the future users to their side motifs. This leads to a completely different decision-making situation. Psychology, Philosophy und well-founded experience are the key to understanding people and their motivations. It is very important to track down and take into account all target groups / personas.

The phases of Design Thinking

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  • 1. Understand
  • 2. Observe
  • 3. Point – of – View
  • 4. Ideate
  • 5. Prototype
  • 6. Test

Design Thinking

works well for reviewing concepts, projects for innovation and ideation. For the creation and validation of new product ideas. From my point of view, it is important to add methods from the Lean Startup Toolbox.
Design Thinking helps to find creative solutions and inspire new paths through inspiration.

In addition, the early consideration of the direct customer feedback is fantastic. This very early collaboration with potential users / customers is the real treasure. We can better understand the customers / users, validate the solutions directly, and implement the input / views and suggestions of the future target persons.